The Four Most Disgusting Dog Treats

If you have a dog you most likely give him treats as a reward. Dogs will basically eat anything if it’s considered a dog treat. Some of these products look and smell good enough to eat. I don’t usually mind giving my dogs their dog treats, but I consider the following to be the most disgusting dog treats on the market.

I understand that sometimes dog treats aren’t the most pleasant items to look at. However, the main problem that I have with the following dog treats, other then what they actually are, is the way that they look. Just the way that they look alone makes me not even want to handle them. I’m sure that there are dog owners other then myself that are put off just by the way that they look.

Freeze dried lung treats are made from the lungs of lambs, pigs and cows. The pieces aren’t normally broken up, so you see the lung full size, with all of the holes, creases and blemishes.

Hickory smoked dehydrated pig snouts look exactly what you think they look like. These just look absolutely awful. It looks like someone walked up to a pig, took a machete to it’s nose, cut it off, cleaned it up, dehydrated it and put it in a bag. It doesn’t even look pleasant enough to consider giving to your dog in the first place.

Pig ears or cow ears. Someone gave my dogs these one time and I banned them from the house ever since. They don’t look as bad as some other dog treats do, but the sound that is made when the pig ears are being eaten is absolutely horrible. The sound of the crunching is so loud, and you cringe knowing what it is that the dog is actually eating.

Beef Knuckles. Most of these are hickory smoked and usually still have pieces of beef left on them. They look like someone took a saw, hacked off a section of bone, ripped most of the flesh off and sold it to dog owners. Although I can understand how dogs would be drawn to something like this, beef knuckles look like something out of a horror movie.

I’m all for making sure that my dogs have natural, tasty treats that aren’t bad for them, but I cannot bring myself to give them the above items. They’re going to have to deal with eating jerky strips.

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