Homemade Healthy Dog Food

I have two dogs, Sam and Bud. A border collie and a golden retriever. The commercial dog food recall this past year has completely redefined my thinking regarding what I feed my dogs. As most people did, I just dumped generic commercial dog food in their bowls twice a day, and that was it. My duties as a pet owner had been done, or so I thought. However, with this pet food recall, I had to throw out the food I had been feeding them, and I went out and bought another brand. However, the next week, the new brand I was using also recalled the food, so I had to throw that food out also.

I started doing some research, and found out that even before the dog food recall, commercial dog food did not contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals for my dogs. I finally ended up buying a few books on homemade dog food recipes, and I began cooking a weeks worth of dog food on Sunday afternoons, refrigerating it, and feeding it to Sam and Bud. They are both much more energetic since I have started this, and I no longer feel like I’m gambling with their lives.


  1. Cook rice and cool.
  2. Run vegetables through a food processor , just chop a bit, not mush, then steam vegetables and cool.
  3. If using ground meats, cook till medium rare, then cool.
  4. If using organ meat, run through food processor.
  5. In a large bowl, add rice, meat, vegetables, bone meal, flax seeds or oil, apples or blueberries. Mix well and serve.

This will support the needs of a 50 pound dog for a day. I suggest making at least 4 times the above amounts, placing in zip bags and freezing what you will not use in 2-3 days.Every conscientous dog owner should be making their dogs homemade food. Commercial dog food is presently dangerous and potentially lethal to your dogs. And even when this recall is over, commercial dog food will be deficient in vitamins and minerals. Visit my blog at www.homemadehealthypetfood.com
where I list many more pet food recipes and updates on the dog food recall.

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