Vienna’s Artists: Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele is one of the most well-known artists from Vienna. He has helped other artists become motivated to do art as well. This article will discuss fun and interesting facts about this artist and share some of the fun things to do in Vienna.

            Facts About Egon Schiele

  • Egon Schiele was known for his racy and controversial paintings.
  • He was born in Blumenstadt.
  • His dad dies from having syphilis. Egon was taken care of by his uncle, who did not want him to be an artist.
  • When Egon was 16, he was enrolled in the Vienna Fine art Academy.
  • He was there three years, then left.
  • His dad passed away when he was 14, some say, Egon was never the same after that.
  • Schiele basically started his very own art movement.
  • Egon faced subjects that most people during that time thought of as taboo. The pictures he drew contained the human body. These included genitalia of women and sometimes his own privates were shown.
  • There are some works with women masturbating featured in it.
  • These pictures of private parts caused him to be called indecent and his reputation suffered because of it.
  • Many of his drawings were very disturbing.
  • His type of art is called Expressionism.
  • He was obsessed with trains and locomotives. When he was a child, he would draw pictures of trains all the time.
  • His father was very frustrated with him spending so much time drawing.
  • He dropped out of art school.
  • He left his girlfriend, to marry someone that was socially accepted. His girlfriend was a prostitute and knew that it would not be proper to marry someone of the lowest of the low class.
  • He had an affair with his sister-in-law. He loved women and couldn’t keep his hands off them. One day his sister-in-law was a nude model for him and they had a relationship.
  • He helped mentor his peer, Gustav Klimt.
  • He was known for his iffy lifestyle choices. He was known to have multiple sex partners at any given time.
  • His priciest work was sold for over 39 million dollars.
  • When he was married, a few days later, was called into the army.
  • In the war, he guarded Russian prisoners and drew many pieces of art during this time.
  • Egon never saw any combat while he was in the arm
  • Egon used children when he needed a nude model.
  • When children would come to his place, neighbors did not approve of this, which caused him to spend 24 days in jail for rape. He was never charged with these allegations.
  • He had pornography charges and a judge burnt one of his paintings because it was not acceptable.
  • He died very young. He was 28 years old.
  • In his life, he drew 3,000 drawings.
  • Schiele passed away three days after his wife did. His wife was also pregnant with their child. She caught the flu and died.
  • He passed away from the Spanish Flu. This flu was a pandemic and killed over 20 million people. It took over Europe at that time.

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