Does Natalies Outlet Know Some Genius Sleep Hacks?

NataliesĀ Outlet is a famous Youtuber with over 14 million subscribers. she’s most well known for her sleep hacks in which she literally tricks you to fall asleep just by watching her video. You might be shocked by this and think it’s not possible for some girl on a video to trick my brain into falling asleep, but I guarantee you it’s perfectly possible.


So how does Natalie use her sleep hacks on us? To start off she tricks us into a relaxation state. By using music with a specific BPM (beat per minute) she’s able to trick our brain into thinking it’s by the ocean, or in a rainforest (locations like these are perfect for falling asleep). She then uses her soft-spoken voice to induce an ASMR reaction which makes us get a tingly sensation on our head and making us fall further into a sleep state. Once this has been achieved all she has to do is show us the way to our own beds and just like that we’ll be fast asleep, amazing isn’t it?


hmm sleepIn Vietnam, they have been using these ASMR techniques for centuries. Watching other people getting a massage or beauty treatment induces the same feeling on our own brain, without actually getting the treatment. That’s the amazing capability of our brain, it has mirror neurons that can detect when other people are feeling relaxed causing them to fire the same responses in our own heads.


If you’re on a mission to find outĀ how to fall asleep in 20 seconds then you’ve probably got to watch a combination of some Vietnamese ASMR videos and Natalies Outlet to get the most out of your watching experience. I am very sure that you’ll feel relaxed after as if you just had a long massage without actually leaving your chair or your desk.


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